Purgatory’s Key cover, and Vulcan Travel Guide premiere!

I’m actually still on vacation, so technically I shouldn’t even be talking to you people. I didn’t have internet or cellular service for three whole days and it was wonderful. However, there are a few cool things to talk about, after which I’ll go back into vacation mode for a little while longer.

First up? Well, it seems that while I’ve been away, StarTrek.com saw fit to drop the cover for Purgatory’s Key, the third novel in the Star Trek: Legacies trilogy coming this summer as part of Pocket Books’ celebration of the 50th anniversary of the original series. Book 3 picks up the action and mayhem put into motion during the first two books, which were penned by friends and colleagues Greg Cox and David Mack. Check it out, y’all:

Legacies-3-Cover(Click to Biggie Size.)

Yeah, the term “artistic liberties” might come up here, but I don’t care. To me, this is like a nod to the best of the covers from the old 1970s James Blish adaptations, which while not being the most accurate in terms of Trek-ness, definitely had style, amirite?

The trilogy’s first book, Greg’s Captain to Captain, is set to start showing up in stores on or before next Tuesday, June 28th. Dave’s book, Best Defense, will follow on July 26th, and Kevin and I will be bringing it all home (we hope) on August 30th.

VulcanTravelGuide-CoverNext up? I’ve got some news about another of my upcoming titles, Hidden Universe Travel Guide – Star Trek: Vulcan, coming at you on July 19th from Insight Editions. If all goes according to the current plan, the book will premiere at the Shore Leave convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland the weekend of July 15th-17th, just a couple of days ahead of its official publication date.

The bookseller who sets up shop during the con is planning to have copies available for sale beginning Friday evening, just in time for the usual “Meet the Pros” mass author autographing event. Since I’m still intending to attend the con, that means you can get your copy signed way ahead of anybody else. I can’t think of a better reason to attend the convention, can you?

(Okay, sure. If you’re going to mention Karen Gillan and John Noble as awesome counterprogramming examples….there’s really not much of an argument I can make against that. Fine. Whatever.)

I’m going back to vacation mode, now. Laters, yo.

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