Where’s My Book? 2016 Edition!

Okay, okay, okay. I’ve been talked into it. I was reluctant to do it after letting things slide last summer, but enough folks asked after it that I decided to go with it again, albeit with some changes to make sure we stay on task, this time.

Once again, we’re into the summer vacation season, and I want to make sure that I’m not completely forgotten as you head off to destinations near and far. What better way to do that than to dangle a prize or three while finding a not-so subtle way to worm my way into your lives and consciousness. It’s a way to combat the rather solitary existence that’s a large part of every writer’s existence. The fact that it’s also something of a cheesy promotional ploy is entirely coincidental. Honest.

I’ve been getting pictures from people who’ve found my books on store shelves for years, now. A few years ago, I decided to up that game a bit after seeing something the always awesome Wil Wheaton had put into motion earlier that same year, and thought, “Hey! I can annoy my readers in a whole new way!

The result: “Where’s My Book?”

Here’s the deal: If you’re reading this and planning to take one of my/mine and Kevin’s books with you to read (paperback or e-Book edition) to some vacation destination, or even if you happen to be going somewhere cool or unusual that’s local to you, then let’s see some pictures!

Have a costumed performer pose with the book at Disneyland or Universal Studios. Lean it up against that sandcastle your kid’s building on the beach. Find a cosplayer at a convention who’s willing to play along. Make one of my fellow writers pose with it at some other convention (profane hand gestures optional). Hand it to a stripper or Hooters girl (or Tallywackers dude. We’re not so suburban, here.). If you live near something unique or unusual, let’s see a shot with that. Go nuts. Extra points awarded for originality as well as sheer lunacy.

Some of my favorite examples from previous iterations of this exercise, as provided by readers near and far:

Area 51, yo!

TomSharp01There they are!


Brings back a few memories…

A dame to write for!

And so on. You get the idea. 🙂

So, the idea’s simple: Send in you pics, either directly to me via e-Mail or just post them in the comments section here, or in the corresponding update on Facebook. Or, hit me up on Twitter with the hashtag #‎WheresDaytonsBook.

(NOTE: Pics from previous editions of this game are not eligible. Except maybe for that one with Carla Gugino, because I can’t…seem…to…find…that…one….)

To avoid having this thing get lost in the shuffle like last time, we’ll put a limit on it for this go-around. We’ll accept pics between starting from the moment this post goes live, until 11:59PM on Sunday, July 24th (see how I made sure San Diego Comic Con was in there?). Once that’s done, I’ll set up a poll so people can vote for their favorites, and the top 3 vote-getters will each be eligible for a copy of what is sure to be a collector’s item:


Yep, an advance, uncorrected proof of my forthcoming 24 novel, Trial By Fire. Be among the first to read this bad boy, weeks ahead of the book’s official release date!

All righty, then. Who’s up for some fun?


5 thoughts on “Where’s My Book? 2016 Edition!

    1. Absolutely, though I may decide to choose just a few of my favorites if someone sends in several and other people only send in one or two, in an attempt to keep things balanced. 🙂


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