Famous Monsters #286: In da house!

It had been a while since I’d last written anything for a magazine. Yes, I’ve done several articles for websites (namely StarTrek.com) in recent years, and a handful of essays for collections published by the Sequart Organization, but for a print magazine? We have to go back to early 2012 and my last couple of articles for Star Trek Magazine.

So, when the opportunity to write a couple of pieces for Famous Monsters of Filmland presented itself, Kevin and I were all about that, yo. As I previously mentioned, FMoF is one of those magazines for which I snatched up every issue I could find back when I was a kid. Along with such stalwart publications as Starlog and Fangoria, this was how fans got the latest scoop on all the happenings in SF, Horror, and Fantasy film and TV, along with juicy retrospectives on genre classics. Getting the chance to write for such a magazine is a dream come true.

And lookie what showed up in today’s mail! Ain’t they pretty?

FM286(Click to Biggie Size)

The new issue, #286, officially goes on sale on June 7th in both print and electronic formats, so these are very minty fresh and doused in that new car smell. Even without our little contributions, this has so much stuff packed between its covers that I’ll likely be flipping pages all evening.

Many thanks again to editor David Weiner and the good folks at Famous Monsters for letting us into their sandbox to play for a while. It was fun!




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