Back on the air.

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Yeah, I’ve been busy of late. Overlapping projects and successive deadlines saw to it that much of the last month has been a blur. Other things like this space had to take a back seat while I tended to the Things That Pay Bills, but now I’m enjoying a brief–a very brief–respite before I start in on The Next Thing.

Today’s writing schedule is light: Tending to editor’s notes for Headlong Flight, which will be my next Star Trek: The Next Generation novel due for publication next spring, along with putting the final polish to another novel project. There’s also a bit of regular monthly client work. I may see editor feedback for the manuscript I delivered last Friday morning, for a project that hasn’t yet been announced, but that’ll likely happen later in the week.

Meanwhile, we have a few programming notes:

lindahall-Trek50Back on May 14th, my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and I were guests of the Linda Hall Library here in Kansas City. We participated in their “Second Saturday Conversation” program where we presented, “Of Tribbles and Technology: Star Trek at 50.” We talked about Star Trek‘s influence on science and technology, and how it’s inspired at least a couple of generations of people to go into those fields, and how those people now help to inspire writerly folk like us to ponder that age-old question: “What’s next?” It was a tremendous honor to be asked to speak at this library, and we can’t thank the staff enough for inviting us into their realm.

First, my latest contribution to the Novel Spaces blog went live on May 17th. “Hey! I’ve Got Favorite Writing Books, Too!” continues the blog’s theme for the month, in which the regular contributors all discuss their favorite writing-related books. These could be manuals or style guides, or something more of the memoir variety as penned by a favorite writer. My list of suggestions is a bit…eclectic. 🙂

Next up? Rick Schepis over at The Bronze Review conducted a brief interview with me about Elusive Salvation, my new Star Trek novel that’s been on shelves for about a month, now. You’ve got your copy, right? Anyway, you can read the review by clicking this.

And speaking of Elusive Salvation, Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther over at had me doing exactly that. The latest episode of their Literary Treks podcast includes a heaping helping of me yammering at length about the new book and various other related topics. FYI for those of you who may be wanting to listen to the podcast but haven’t yet read the book, beware that spoilers abound!

Elsewhere around the Wardiverse, my hetero life mate, Kevin, and I were guests at this past weekend’s Planet Comicon here in Kansas City. This show just gets bigger and better every year, people. I think it’s already able to stand on par with some of the bigger shows around the country, and I don’t think I’m out of line when I say that’s not all that far away from being one of those “destination” conventions that people mention in the same breath with stuff like San Diego, New York, Denver, etc. Many thanks to Chris Jackson, Will Binderup, and everyone else who worked so hard to put on such a terrific show.

I think that covers it all for now. We now return you to your lives, already in progress.

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