The Women Writers Behind Pocket Books’ 1980s Star Trek Novel Line

It’s good to remember who plowed the road for us. Some of my all-time favorite Star Trek novels came from some of the ladies on this list.


Surprising absolutely no one given my nerdy proclivities, I’m a big fan of Star Trek, and have been since I was 8 years old. I’ve seen all the shows and movies, have dozens of action figures, and every now and again I read a Star Trek novel. As such, I usually take a look at the Star Trek area of the sci-fi section whenever I’m in a used bookstore, and recently I found something surprising: A Star Trek novel written by a woman.

Women writers aren’t entirely unheard of in the world of modern Star Trek books; most recently, Kirsten Beyer has been writing the Voyager franchise. But they’re definitely in the minority, especially in the bigger original series and Next Generation lines. So when I saw a Star Trek book from the 1980s written by a woman, I decided to check it out.


The book is Star Trek:…

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2 thoughts on “The Women Writers Behind Pocket Books’ 1980s Star Trek Novel Line

  1. Having started to collect TOS novels since some switch flipped in our brains after our first Shore Leave con last year, I had noticed the women authors of the older books, but I didn’t realize the percentage of those books that were written by women. That’s awesome (and they didn’t even have to use initials like D.C. Fontana did), but now where have the women gone…?


    1. Sadly, a few of those pioneering Trek ladies are no longer with us (including one of my all-time favorites, Ann Crispin). Others have moved on for one reason or another.

      Today, talented scribes like Kirsten Beyer, Una McCormack, and Paula Block carry on in their stead.


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