Trek’s 50th in Famous Monsters #286, and guess who?

:: Reviews Bucket List ::

:: Crosses out “Write for Famous Monsters magazine” ::

Awwwwwww, yeah.

When I was a kid, Famous Monsters of Filmland along with other classic magazines like Starlog, Fangoria, and Fantastic Films was where fans got all the coolest, happening news in the world of SF, fantasy, and horror film and TV. They along with other classic titles like Heavy Metal and Playboy Cinefantastique are an indelible part of my youth, and the idea of ever getting to write for such renowned publications is something that’s definitely teased me on occasion over the years.

Though it went dormant for awhile, FMoF has been back on the scene for the past several years, continuing to do what it did in such awesome fashion all those years ago. This summer, the magazine will tip its hat to Star Trek in honor of the original series’ 50th anniversary.

In addition to new interviews with John Cho (Sulu in the new Trek films) and a look at the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, Rod Roddenberry (son of the man who started this whole train a’rollin’ and an executive producer of the new Trek series coming in 2017), and Nichelle Nichols (the original Lieutenant Uhura herself), FMoF #286 will also feature a variety of tribute pieces, including three by Yours Truly and my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore. And, the whole chimichanga gets wrapped up in some truly gorgeous cover art by Rob Prior. Check it, y’all:

FamousMonsters286-Cover(Click to Biggie Size!)

I mean, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayummm.

Get all the deets here: Famous Monsters #286 Preview

The new issue will be available in print and digital format beginning on June 7th, which just happens to be my birthday, so…you know: Go, me.

Many, many thanks to editor David Weiner for inviting us into the Famous Monsters sandbox to play for a bit. It was tremendous fun.

Meanwhile, I’m still gunning for Heavy Metal and Playboy Cinefantastique, yo.

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