Take a peek inside my Vulcan Travel Guide!

VulcanTravelGuide-CoverWell, it seems StarTrek.com has been busy.

Yesterday, they published an exclusive first look inside my forthcoming Star Trek book Hidden Universe: Star Trek – A Travel Guide to Vulcan, complete with some examples of the book’s interior text and art. I had no idea this was in the offing, so it was a pleasant surprise this morning to see some folks posting and talking about it on Facebook.

I’m very pleased with how the book turned out, bolstered as it is by the artistic awesomeness of Peter Markowski and Livio Ramondelli. You’ll see breathtaking vistas, maps, and lots of smaller pieces accompanying various bits of text. There are also a few drawings deliberately designed to evoke public service announcements that gave me a chuckle, and at least one logo for a local establishment that made me laugh out loud. Hard.

Check out StarTrek.com’s inside look here: Inside A Travel Guide to Vulcan

As I’ve mentioned before, the book is intended to be very casual and “conversational” in its presentation, just as a real-world travel guide would be. I drew on several sources (along with just making up a bunch of stuff), so hardcore fans can expect to find any number of references, subtle nods, and Easter eggs from the Star Trek series, films, novels, role-playing games, and so on.

Hidden Universe: Star Trek – A Travel Guide to Vulcan will be published by Insight Editions on July 19th. For those you attending the Shore Leave convention the weekend prior, we are endeavoring to have copies on hand. In the meantime, I wouldn’t be a proper starving freelance writer if I didn’t pester you about possibly pre-ordering the thing. Feel free to visit your preferred indie bookseller to make such a request, but if that’s not an option, here are a couple of handy-dandy links:

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble – Books-A-Million

So, what are you doing for your summer vacation?

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