24: Trial By Fire…it’s almost a really real book!

We’re getting close, folks.

Today’s mail brought with it a box from my editor at Tor. What was inside? Why, this little gem:


What do we have here? For those unfamiliar with “advance uncorrected proofs,” they’re an “almost final” version of a book that’s sort of a dress rehearsal. They’re a bound copy of the same typeset pages that are sent to the author for one last chance at catching any little errors which have managed to survive the different legs of the editing process. Not intended for sale, these are usually sent to reviewers for magazines, newspapers, websites, and so on.

Meanwhile, the author is hoping to find those aforementioned lingering whatevers that need correcting, before the book heads off to the printers.

Last week, I sent in a set of such corrections to my editor, so my part so far as the writing of the book is now officially, finally done. The next time I see 24: Trial By Fire will be as A) a box of author copies showing up on my doorstep, or B) I happen across it at my favorite bookstore, whichever comes first. Both of those things will be happening on or about August 23rd, depending on which way the wind blows.

As for these, well….I have ten of them. Nine, actually, as I promised one to my sister, who’s only slightly less of a 24 nerd than I am. I can’t sell them, so I need to give some thought as to what I might do with them.

Stay tuned 🙂


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