Kevin and me, blabbing on the G&T Show!

Yep, it was another interview.

Our friends Nick Minecci, Terry Lynn Shull, and Mike Medeiros invited us to take part in a special live edition of “Supplemental Logs,” a sort of extra channel of programming they sometimes do in addition to their regular G and T Show podcast. It’s here that they tend to do the bulk of their interviews, and as they’re friends, we gladly accepted Nick’s offer to come on the show on the evening of Friday, April 1st.


The bulk of the interview was spent catching up, as it had been a while since the both of us were on. In and around the usual banter about things only we find funny, we were asked about what we’d been working on and what’s coming up so far as new releases, convention appearances, and all sorts of geekery.

If you’re a regular reader of this space, then you know we’ve been busy. We’ve got our contribution to the forthcoming Star Trek: Legacies novel trilogy to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original series. I’ve also got Elusive Salvation (my sequel to From History’s Shadow), Star Trek: Hidden Universe – A Travel Guide to Vulcan, my 24 novel Trial By Fire coming later this year. I’m currently writing a new Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Headlong Flight, and there’s another TNG novel waiting in the wings to be written this summer.

Kevin and I have a couple of smaller projects on the table, both relating to Trek’s 50th, but Nick really want us to spill the beans about one particular mysterious endeavor, which we could only talk about on April 1st:


So, if you’ve got nothing more interesting to do for the better part of two hours, give us a listen. We had fun, anyway.

G&T Supplemental Log: Ward/Dilmore Update


Many thanks to the gang over there for having us on. Oh, and sorry. 😀

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