Vacation’s over. Back to work.

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Last week, Clan Ward headed south to our ancestral home for a week of fun in the Florida sun. There were excursions to Disney, the Kennedy Space Center, and Universal Studios, as well as visits to old haunts to show the offspring where Mommy and Daddy committed various bits of childhood mischief. There also were dinners with family and friends, and even a lazy day spent on the beach with friends from Kansas City who also were vacationing in the Sunshine State. Many thanks to them as well as my sister, Terri, my brother-in-law, Scott, and my wonderful niece, Lindsey, who helped to make our week back home so much fun. Indeed, my sister’s family and mine will be getting back together in June for yet more vacation madness.

For me and the Mrs., it was a sorely needed escape from all the various things we had been dealing with during the past few months. Though I wasn’t able to completely avoid the demands of work (the eternal plight of the full-time freelancer), I was at least able to keep it at bay enough so that it didn’t intrude too much on the fun we were having.

But now? Break’s over.

What’s on the docket? Well, we start the day with firing off our revisions to the copyedited manuscript for Purgatory’s Key, our contribution to Star Trek: Legacies, the trilogy of novels Pocket Books will be publishing as part of its celebration of the original series’ 50th anniversary. I was looking those over last week, when snippets of time presented themselves, and Kevin and I met yesterday to finalize a few things.

I also was reviewing the still in-progress layout for A Travel Guide to Vulcan last week. The book’s editor and art director are in the final stages of getting the interior art nailed down, and I know I’m biased when I say this but HOLY SHIT, PEOPLE. This thing is going to be gorgeous, and (hopefully) fun.

Now that I’m actually “back to work,” (I know…doesn’t sound like I ever left, right?), what’s on tap? There’s Headlong Flight, of course, the current novel in-progress, and which will be set after Armageddon’s Arrow, my Star Trek: The Next Generation novel from last year. It continues to sputter along. I’m ramping back up to speed today, though, and anticipate no major obstacles between now and the time I deliver the manuscript.


:: ahem ::

I still need to finalize revisions to the outline for the novel I’ll write after Headlong Flight, and while I was away I also received official approval to begin work on a new project, the manuscript for which is due in mid May. I also have a smaller deliverable for a client due later this week. While I was down in Florida, Kevin and I also were offered an opportunity to write a Trek-themed article for a not-Trek magazine which will tap into the 50th anniversary shenanigans, and there’s another collaboration on the table that also moved a bit further ahead as we discussed details with our editor. Yes, it’s Trek, and yes it’s 50th-related, and if it goes off the way we’ve discussed to this point? It’s going to be so much fun I may just soil myself.

If I do end up ruining my Underoos, I’m going to need more, which means I’ll need money, and that brings us to the new stuff that’s out there or will soon be out there, vying for your disposable income. While I was down in Florida, my Mars Attacks novella The Armageddon Directive went on sale. Raise your hand if you pre-ordered a copy.

Meanwhile, 2113: Stories Inspired By the Music of Rush is still comin’ at ya on April 12th.What? You say you want to pre-order that one, too? YOU ARE WELCOME.

After that? Elusive Salvation, my Star Trek novel that’s also a somewhat sequel to From History’s Shadow, will officially drop on April 26th.That and other stuff coming later this year is pimped quite shamelessly right here.

If you need me, I’ll be over here, back to the grind, and all that.

9 thoughts on “Vacation’s over. Back to work.

        1. I’m on three panels that I know of:

          “What Makes a Great Villain” – Fri, 2pm-3pm
          “Writing Existing Worlds” – Sat, 2:30pm-3:30pm
          “Writing with Momentum: Serializing a Story for Maximum Impact” – Sat, 5:30pm-6:30pm

          There may be something else added, but so far that’s what I’ve got.:)

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Ooo, all sound interesting! I went to your last Existing Worlds panel, but I wouldn’t mind sitting in again! 😉 The Serializing one sounds especially interesting. I was thinking of doing that very thing for one of my sci-fi thriller novels! Can’t wait!


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