Today is a good day to play.

A couple of days ago, I dropped this picture over on my Facebook and Twitter feeds:


The Trekkies and many of the other nerds among you have of course already identified this as a bat’leth, a favored bladed weapon of Klingon warriors across the galaxy. I tend to prefer a Marine KA-BAR knife, but different strokes, amirite?

“Okay, that’s nice, Dayton,” I can hear someone asking, “but why you do you have a bat’leth on the floor of your home office?”

As it happens, this came to be in my possession thanks to a friend. This person, who I won’t name unless they choose to reveal themselves, asked if I’d be interested in showcasing the item on my blog and other social media outlets. Realizing that my kids would love such an opportunity, I happily accepted my friend’s offer. So, while I don’t typically do “product reviews” in this space aside from the occasional book, I’m still being upfront here when I say I received the bat’leth essentially for review purposes.

The fact that I’ll probably hang it on my wall and grin like an idiot from time to time as I gaze upon it is entirely inconsequential. Really.

Okay, so now the nitty gritty: This isn’t an actual weapon. Instead, it’s a “Foam Prop Replica” created by NECA and licensed for sale from CBS Consumer Products as official Star Trek merchandise. It even came with the legit tag bearing the Star Trek and “Star Trek 50th anniversary” logos. I was familiar with NECA because of the high-quality action figures and other collectibles they’ve produced, but they’ve only recently started getting into Star Trek stuff.

As you can see from the above pic and despite being a big piece of foam (not that cheesy “foam finger foam,” though…this stuff is dense), the paint and sculpting make it look about as close to the real thing as a regular Jim or Jane Fan is liable to get, outside of commissioning someone to craft one for you from wood or metal. Now, on to the important question: How did the kids like it? Well, you tell me:

IMG_0792 IMG_0791

As it happened, the bat’leth arrived on a day the girls had Taekwondo class. I realize that not everyone has a pair of princess ninja assassins living with them, so the rest of you will just have to do the best you can.

Not content to leave one person to wield this most fierce of prop weaponry, one daughter attempted to improvise a defense:


It was to be a battle for the ages.

(Note: Even though this is foam, it’s still got pointed edges that could ruin somebody’s day if they got hit in the eye. So, you know…proceed accordingly.)

For those wondering, Older Daughter is brandishing the totally adorable Star Trek plush phaser, which I purchased from ThinkGeek, because REASONS. You should get one. For realz. Why, because then you too can do stuff like this:

IMG_0794 IMG_0793 IMG_0694

Ignore that last one. He’s an idiot.

Many thanks to the good folks at NECA for sending on a sample of their kick-ass new bat’leth replica. My daughters are already plotting and scheming as to how they might be able to sneak it out of my office and maybe hang it on their own wall. It’s definitely an eye-catching conversation starter, and pretty dang affordable in the $40-$50 range, such as at Entertainment Earth. Go. Go forth and get one. You know you want to.


Play on, boys and girls.


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