Starfest bound!

Thanks to the wonder that is “scheduled posting” for ye olde blog, by the time this entry goes live, my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and I will be west bound and down and heading for picturesque Denver, Colorado. Why? It’s our fourteenth consecutive pilgrimage to the annual Starfest Convention!


As has become our habit this time of year, we’ll spend the better part of three days immersed in geekery in all is various forms. Fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Firefly, comics, gaming, science fiction, fantasy, and horror will assemble to commence all manner of shenanigans. Since 2016 marks Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary, expect a heavy emphasis on all things Final Frontier-ish.

In addition to having our tables in the “Author’s Alley” section of the vendor area, Kevin and I will be participating in programming, which means panel discussions and book signings, as well as helping out the con as we do each year with judging the costume contest on Saturday night and the talent show on Sunday morning, and pretty much whatever else the con staff asks us to do.

So, if you’re reading this and planning to attend the con, come find us and say, “Howdy!” Here’s hoping we see you there. 🙂


Lay it on me.

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