Check out “my” Mars Attacks card!

“Yes, Dayton. We know,” I can hear somebody saying. “You wrote a Mars Attacks story. And some guy did some awesome cover art. And they’re making a trading card with the art. Blah blah blah. We get it, dude. Shut the hell up about that, already.”


Why? Because I’m still all ate up with the fanboy on this one. Besides, I’ve got new stuff to show you.

My editor for the story, Adam Levine, made sure I saw this picture he’d taken today and which shows a few samples of the cards that will be part of the Mars Attacks: Occupation set. Check it out, peeps:


That sound you heard was all the blood rushing from my brain to points south. TMI, right? I DON’T CARE.

Adam was also kind enough to let me know that he’s sending me a stack of these babies, so I guess I’ll have to device a way to distribute at least some of them to interested parties. You know, after I get done wall-papering my office, and shit. I wonder if I can carry one in my wallet in place of my driver’s license. Nah. Probably not a good idea. I’ll have to give that some thought.

The Occupation sets are in their final stages of preparation for delivery to the original Kickstarter backers. I’m guessing The Armageddon Directive will also be delivered to those same folks soon. After what I assume will be a period of exclusivity for those backers, the story is supposed to be made available for general sale. Stay tuned for news on that front. Meanwhile, feel free to bask in the glory that is Steve Epting‘s groovy art.


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