Want a free preview booklet of the upcoming RUSH: 2113 anthology?

rush-2113-coverThose of you who follow my little blog mess here know that I have a short story that will be included in the forthcoming anthology 2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush.

(That’s right. We’ve taken care of everything. The words you read….etc.)

The anthology’s co-editor, Kevin J. Anderson, has seen to it that a limited edition preview booklet is now available to interested parties. He’ll be handing out copies this weekend at Pensacon in Pensacola, Florida, but he’s also made copies available through his website, to anyone willing to pony up postage.

What’s in the preview edition? Glad you asked! Check it out, from Mr. Anderson himself:

To build excitement for the highly anticipated release—you know, like a high-energy warmup band!—ECW has produced a limited sample booklet that contains the complete gritty short story “Random Access Memory” by my co-editor John McFetridge, inspired by the song “Lakeside Park.”

So, if this sounds like the sort of action you want to get in on, mosey on over to the Wordfire Press: 2113 Preview Mini Booklet


Wait! Hang on a minute. There’s more.

We’re also trying to drum up pre-order interest in the book itself, so if you’ve been thinking about getting a copy of the anthology when it comes out, now’s the time to get on the train! We’re trying to see if we can get to (at least) 2,113 pre-orders before the book actually goes on sale, so head on over and do the pre-order thing! As I write this, you can nab a copy for 33% off the cover price. BOOM.

So, whaddaya say, faithful readers?


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