Pangaea II: An anthology by a bunch of my friends that needs YOUR HELP!

pangaea-logoSome of you may recall that last year, I signed on with friend and editor Michael Jan Friedman and several other writers for Pangaea, a shared-world anthology featuring all new stories about an alternate Earth where the continents have come together to form a single, immense super-continent, Pangaea.

There, the denizens of Earth have evolved and developed in ways both similar and alien to what we know. It was a fun project, giving me a chance to do something different with my hetero life mate and frequent co-writer, Kevin Dilmore, and pitch in with a bunch of my friends on something I thought was just cool to do.

Well, the book which sprang from that effort apparently did well enough that it convinced Editor Mike to do it again. He’s amassed another group of talented scribes, including several from the first book while also bringing some new names into the fold, to hopefully bring us an all-knew  collection of stories:

Pangaea II, by Museworthy, Inc.

What’s it all about? Well, as Mike sez:

At least four times in Earth’s history, the continents have come sliding together. Over millions of years, separate and distinct landmasses have crawled  across the planet’s surface on immense tectonic plates to form a single mass–a super-continent. Geologists have dubbed the most recent such formation Pangaea.

Of course, Pangaea broke up a long time ago, and because it did, mankind developed in drastically different climes and circumstances. But what if we twenty-first century types were living in one of the super-continental periods–those characterized by “lid tectonics” rather than “plate tectonics?” What would it be like if all of humanity was confined to a single landmass…and had been so confined for all of our recorded history?

That’s the ever-so-tantalizing axis on which our Pangaea anthology turns.

Like last time, Pangaea II is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign, which means there will be a number of incentives and rewards for those who choose to opt in to pledging their support. Should the project get the needed funding and the green light, readers will be treated to all-new stories penned by a pretty talented gang of word pushers:

Kirsten Beyer
Ilsa J. Bick
Michael Burstein
Peter David
Kevin Dilmore
Michael Jan Friedman
Robert Greenberger
Glenn Hauman
Paul Kupperberg
Ron Marz
Kelly Meding
Aaron Rosenberg
Lawrence M. Schoen
Geoffrey Thorne
Marie Lillian Vibbert

So, hey! Please give the project’s Kickstarter page a look-see, and if you think it’s something you’d like to get on board with, I’m sure Mike and the gang would welcome your support.

Here’s hoping we all get another trip back to Pangaea!

Lay it on me.

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