Novel Spaces – “It’s All About the Opening!”

writerWell, whaddaya know? It’s the 17th again, which means it’s my turn to take the stage over at the Novel Spaces blog!

This month, it’s a bit of basic writing advice, dealing with one of the most important facets of any story: The Opening. Why? Because here’s the thing: Your story will live or die on an editor’s desk in remarkably, even depressingly rapid fashion. For a novel, you might have three to five pages. Not chapters, pages. For a short story, you might get one page, but count on less. How much less? A few paragraphs, if you’re lucky. You might get the full page if the editor is in a good mood and doesn’t have five thousand other things clawing for their attention, but don’t count on it.

One page. Or less. Better make it a damned good one, amirite?

This time-tested nugget of editorial wisdom time was recently hammered home for me, and I decided that experience made good Novel Spaces fodder. The result?

Novel Spaces – “It’s All About the Opening!”

Any of you writer types want to share their experiences with good–and bad–openings? Regardless of our individual experience level, we’ve all got war stories, don’t we?

My Novel Spaces archive.


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One Response to Novel Spaces – “It’s All About the Opening!”

  1. The story I submitted for SNW… I opened with a log entry interrupted by a crisis. We’ll see if it works in a month and a half or so…


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