My Mars Attacks novella has its own trading card!


:: ahem ::

Regular readers of this space know that last fall, I wrote The Armageddon Directive, a Mars Attacks novella for Joe Books and Topps. It was commissioned as a “reward” for backers who supported a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund a whole new set of Mars Attacks trading cards. As I write this, the Mars Attacks: Occupation card set is being proofed and readied for printing and shipping. So, you know….W00t!

Back in the fall, I shared the novella’s “cover art,” as rendered by amazing artist Steve Epting. As the story I wrote is set during the 1960s, the idea was to evoke pulp novels of that era, and holy hell did Steve knock it completely out of the park, past the parking lot and right through the windshield of some car way out on the freeway.

But wait! It gets better.

I was also told that the art Steve provided would serve as one of the cards in the Occupation set. Not just that, but the complete cover and “back cover text” will make up the card’s front and back. Check it out:

I’ve already been told that I’ll be able to get extras of the cards for gloating purposes. So, I say again: “Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Mars Attacks: The Armageddon Directive will first be made available in e-Book form to the Occupation Kickstarter backers, after which it will be up for general sale at the regular e-Book haunts. Stay tuned for more details!

And as always, many thanks to the good folks at Joe Books and Topps for letting me play in their sandbox for a bit.


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