’s first look at my Vulcan Travel Guide!

Well, I pretty much spoiled everything in the headline, didn’t I?

The good folks over at are offering a tease about my forthcoming book from Insight Editions, Hidden Universe – Star Trek: A Travel Guide to Vulcan. While it’s not a novel, it’s definitely written “inside the box,” as it were, presented in a format that’s similar to those Lonely Planet or Frommer’s guidebooks you might buy before heading out on vacation to some exotic, faraway land.

So, we’re talking a lot of small entries about various locales and points of interest, places to eat and stay, and things of that nature. There will be maps to give you the lay of the land, and guide you on walking tours of ShiKahr, Vulcan’s Forge, and other places, and so on. The book will also feature sidebar articles about various topics, like what you should do if you find yourself the inadvertent host to a dying Vulcan’s katra, or you get sucked into ceremonial combat to the death. You know, the usual vacation hazards.

To help fill out the volume, I drew upon on screen references from the various television series and films, and I also made references and nods to things from a few novels as well as role-playing game materials and other books. That got me part of the way to my targeted word count, but I ended up…well…making up a lot of shit. I’ve been asked if this book is meant to be some kind of “official” or “canonical” reference, or a means of addressing inconsistencies across the series and/or different tie-in materials. The answer to that is, “Um…no.” It’s definitely meant to be more low-key than that.

As you hopefully can tell, the book’s tone is meant to be very casual, sometimes lighthearted, and perhaps even funny if I did my job correctly. Photos and art will accompany my text, and the book will be presented in a trade paperback size that’s perfect for your backpack.

Though it’s labeled as being “not final,” here’s the cover:


Insight has also provided the book’s marketing copy. I don’t want to steal any of that thunder, so I’ll just send you over there to read all about it:

FIRST LOOK: Hidden Universe – Star Trek: A Travel Guide to Vulcan

For those who may be wondering, the book is grounded in the “classic” Star Trek continuity, meaning everything from the original series up through Star Trek: Enterprise and the first ten movies. Indeed, the “Tips for A Fun Trip” section includes this advisory:

There’s a distinct possibility that the planet might not exist in all realities, universes, and timelines. Check with your travel agent for details.”


The book is currently slated for publication on or about July 19th, and it’s up for pre-order at Amazon. Start planning your vacations now!

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