Looking back at my 2015.

So, that year flew by pretty quickly, eh?

My first full calendar year as a freelancer was, in many respects, a damned blur. There was plenty of work, of course, but other things managed to keep me busy, as well. Now that the year is on its way out, I decided to take a look back at everything that went down.


First off, I’ve got my family, who keeps me grounded and sane. My wife, as always, is my rock. She’s been in my corner for more than half my life, and I simply cannot fathom an existence without her. Meanwhile, my daughters continue to astound me with each passing day as I watch them grow. They make me laugh, and they make me proud. Without doubt, they are and forever will be my greatest contribution to this world.

I’ve got my hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and my circle of close friends. And I have wondrous supporters of my work, be they editors and publishers, fellow writers, or just fabulous people who lay down their time and hard-earned cash to read something I’ve written. Whether you fit into one, some, or all of those slots, thanks so much for being here.

On the publishing front, I can’t really complain. My Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Armageddon’s Arrow was published back in May, and got a lot of nice reviews. Elsewhere, Kevin and I added to the still somewhat minty-fresh Star Trek: Seekers series with All That’s Left, our second contribution and fourth novel overall in the bit of literary mischief we cooked up with our pal, David Mack. Kevin and I also teamed up for a short story for Pangaea, the anthology conceived and edited by friend and veteran writer Michael Jan Friedman.

As for what I actually wrote this year, well the first few months of 2015 were devoted in large part to finishing All That’s Left. Once that was done, I spent a good bit of time writing a bunch of stuff that’s coming in 2016. First, there was Elusive Salvation, the sequel to my 2013 Star Trek novel From History’s Shadow. Right on its heels was my 24 novel for Tor, Trial By Fire. In and around those two things, there was writing a short story for the Rush: 2113 anthology, a Mars Attacks novella for Topps, and A Travel Guide to Vulcan, which is just what it sounds like and will be published by Insight Editions.

I also managed to write a couple of essays for the Sequart Organization, one each for Planet of the Apes and Star Wars. I even managed to squeeze in a second Planet of the Apes essay for another book that’ll be out next year. Along with those, there were my monthly contributions to the Novel Spaces blog, as well as the occasional dropping in over at StarTrek.com.

As 2015 winds down, Kevin and I are working to finish Purgatory’s Key, the third book in a special trilogy, Legacies, to commemorate Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary next fall. We’re sharing this project with friends and fellow wordsmiths Greg Cox and David Mack. Should be one for the books (hah!).

I’ll be hitting the ground running in 2016. Already on tap? Headlong Flight, another Star Trek: The Next Generation novel set after Armageddon’s Arrow and due out in 2017. I’ll be starting in on that soon after we finish Purgatory’s Key. Along with that, I have a Planet of the Apes short story to write, and there’s supposedly an outline for yet another NextGen novel in the offing, provided I hear something about contracts soon. I’ve also had preliminary discussions for one and perhaps two additional Star Trek non-novel projects. In and around those things, I’m working to polish an outline for an original science fiction concept I hope to shop around in the coming months.

And that’s just the stuff I know about. I’m obviously hoping to add to that as the year progresses, so tell all your editor friends to call me. 😀

Here on the blog, I continued my habit of keeping things a total waste of your time light and hopefully fun, at least on occasion. Perhaps the most serious thing I wrote about in this space was the death of Leonard Nimoy back on February 27th. His passing hit me in a manner similar to when I heard that Neil Armstrong had left us. Like Armstrong, Nimoy is such an indelible part of my youth, and an obvious inspiration for what I now do for an actual living.

Most of my favorite postings over the year were much lighter in tone. When it comes down to it, I’d rather make people laugh (or chuckle, or just smile) than make them mad, and that’s what drives a lot of what gets written here. Because of that, readers were treated to stuff like this:

Spock & McCoy: Together Again (Just because.)
Watching Star Trek back in…the good old days?
“You can overuse the ‘said’ dialogue tag,” the writer said

Every once in a while, I got a little nostalgic:

Happy 10th Birthday, Star Trek Vanguard.
Happy 40th Anniversary, Space: 1999!
Happy 50th Anniversary, Lost In Space!

And even a bit gushy and sentimental:

Happy Birthday, Mom!

There were those special occasions when I got to pimp a friend’s new book:

Riddle Me This, by Kevin Dilmore!
The Enterprise NCC-1701 and the Model Maker, by N. Datin McDonald

And then there were the times I went completely off the rails:

“The Quotable Captain Pike”
People in the Future are not pleased.
Jade Helm sitrep: D-Day.

I get to have a lot of fun, even when the work is coming fast and furiously. A great deal of that is due to the people who read my books and other flavors of word soup or salad, and support me by buying said books and other offerings. I’m literally here due to the good graces of people like you. Don’t think I forget that, even for a moment. I’ve had a pretty decent 2015, and I thank you for being a part of it.

Let’s do it again next year, okay?

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