Gone writin’.

Those of you who happen past this space with any regularity have likely realized that it’s been quite here of late.

The answer is simple: A book deadline is looming just after the first of the year, and various factors in front of and away from the keyboard have seen to it that I’m behind where I want to be with it at this point.

The solution is also simple: Knuckle down and get it done. This means I’m spending more of the next two weeks buried in it than I’d originally planned, what with the kids out of school and all, but such is the life of a freelancer. To that end, I won’t be posting as frequently here, and I’ll likely be at least a bit quieter on the more immediate social media platforms (looking at you, Facebook and Twitter).

I didn’t even bother with a Bucs Blog this time around, following the Thursday night game which pitted Tampa against the St. Louis Rams. As I and a lot of smarter people predicted, the loss ended up being one of the final nails for the coffin carrying their playoff hopes. Minnesota and Seattle both won, pushing the Bucs once and for all off the post-season trail. They have two games remaining, and they’re reduced to hopefully avoiding their first losing season since 2010.

It’s good to have goals, I guess.

As for me? My goal is to finish this novel on time, so that I can get on with the next big projects in my queue, because hey! Those have deadlines, too. In the meantime, if I have something profound to offer, I’ll throw it up here.

Stop laughing. Shut up!

So, things may be quiet around here for a bit. If anyone happens by, I wish you an enjoyable holiday season, whichever tradition(s) you happen to observe. If not before, then I’ll see you on the other side!





5 thoughts on “Gone writin’.

  1. Yeah it’s looking like I’m not going to make the Strange New Worlds deadline. 😦 I was afraid that would happen with the January deadline and with Star Wars coming out in December rather than May. *grumble grumble* Star Wars and then Christmas completely obliterated my December. I had started on my entry before that, of course, but it’s not looking like it will be in a send-able state by the deadline. I figure I’ll keep working on it anyway, though. Maybe I’ll be able to do something with it someday.


      1. Haha, true. I’m sure I could do it. Just trying to weigh if I want to spend those two weeks working on the SNW story or finishing up edits on the SF novel that has an editor wanting to look at it … 😉


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