Guest blogging over at TrekCore!

People just never learn, do they?

They see that I have a blog, and that I tend to yammer at length about all sorts of things that normal, well-adjusted people could give a damn about. They’re busy with…you know…lives and stuff. So, here I am, babbling into the aether about whatever topic tickles my fancy, in and around the unending, fumbling and quite shameless attempts to sell you on my various collected scribblings from this or that publisher.

You think that’d be enough, but then sometimes, somebody steps forward and asks me to bring my particular flavor of mindless blathering into their realm.

Forgive them, dear readers. They know not what they do.

What’s on tap this time? Well, with the return of the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds writing contest, the good folks over the Star Trek fan news site TrekCore invited me to write a bit about the contest’s original incarnation, and how it plucked me from obscurity and allowed me to evolve into the minor irritant you all know and love.

Obviously the contest is near and snw1dear to me, and have many fond memories of those days (holy crap…eighteen years since the first one?). I don’t know if this new iteration will have the same kind of legs, or if it will help to launch the careers of a new crop of writers. I’d certainly like to see it happen for a few fortunate would-be word pushers.

So, while we wait for the new contest’s submission period to wind down on January 15th, maybe you’ll take a few minutes and have a gander at my little bit of reminiscing:

TrekCore: My Journey to “Strange New Worlds”

Many thanks to the gang over at TrekCore for inviting me into their playground for a bit. If anybody asks, that swing was broken when I got there. Honest.

Lay it on me.

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