Riddle Me This, by Kevin Dilmore!

My boy Blue’s been at it again.

Those of you who read this space know that my hetero life mate and frequent writing collaborator, Kevin Dilmore, has many mad skillz of his own in the word pushing department. These days, he lends those talents to the good people at Hallmark Cards, for whom he works as a senior writer and all-around creative guru. Within that realm, everything from greeting cards to scripts for short films to gift books and more is subject to his mighty pen.

Among my favorites of the numerous things he’s done are the books he’s written for kids. I’ve babbled a bit about those before, and hey! You should already be running out to buy copies of stuff like Superdad and his Daring Dadventures, Cosmic Ray, and Batman.riddle-me-this-front

Well, now Kevin’s got a new book, just in time for holiday shopping, and this time you’re gonna need your thinking cap.

Not just a story book, Riddle Me This: From the Case Files of Batman is presented as a journal kept by the Riddler during his latest stint as an inmate at Arkham Asylum, which he’s left behind in the wake of his most recent escape. Can you give Batman an assist by deciphering the Riddler’s scribblings and other mischief and catch the Riddler before he commits another crime?

riddle-me-this-backThe pages are filled with riddles, word puzzles, and other brain teasers as only the Riddler can devise them, and also includes a healthy dose of artwork featuring the Caped Crusader and the Riddler himself, along with other characters from Batman’s Rogues Gallery, each rendered as though by the Riddler’s own hand. The illustrations are in fact provided by Hallmark artist Steve Willaredt, and they’re a hoot, perfectly accenting the zany, whimsical tone Kevin infused into the games, puzzles, and accompanying text.

Riddle Me This is just now starting to show up in Hallmark Gold Crown stores, and it will (supposedly) also be available from Hallmark’s online store. I don’t expect this will stump hardcore puzzle solvers, it it’s a fun gift for the Batman fan on your holiday shopping list.

And of course I have a copy. Remember who you’re talking to.

6 thoughts on “Riddle Me This, by Kevin Dilmore!

        1. Well, Jason, first off – thanks for picking up the book! I hope you’re having fun with it.

          For the chest puzzle, the reasoning lies in simply looking at each statement and the consequences of its being true.

          Start with Chest #1 and assume it’s true: I’m in Chest #2 or Chest #3. Can the other statements ALL be false without contradicting the truth of Chest #1? Chest #2’s statement can be false; actually, it would have to be. The statememts on Chest #3 and Chest #4, however, cannot be false while keeping Chest #1’s statement true.

          Now, assume Chest #2’s statement is true and work forward form that point.

          Hope that helps – let me know how you do!



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