Cover art for Elusive Salvation!

It seems that has rolled out the next batch of cover art. Fellow Trek novelist Christopher L. Bennett has a snazzy cover for his upcoming Star Trek: Enterprise novel Rise of the Federation: Live By the Code, so definitely cruise on over and give it a gander.

Also revealed today? The cover for Elusive Salvation, the sequel to my Star Trek novel from 2013, From History’s Shadow. Take a look at this bad boy:

ElusiveSalvation-cover(Click to Biggie Size.)

This comes to us via artist Alan Dingman, who has done me and other Trek novelists several solids over the years. For example, one of my favorites is his cover for the trade paperback edition of the Mere Anarchy miniseries.

The back cover copy was released a while back, but here it is again, because why the hell not?

The Arctic Circle, 1845: Escaping the tyranny under which their people have lived for generations, aliens from a distant planet crash land on Earth’s inhospitable frozen wastes. Surviving the harsh conditions will pose a challenge, but over time the aliens will migrate to more populated areas, with decades passing as they work to conceal their presence from their former oppressors, who continue to hunt them at any cost.

San Francisco, 2283: When a mysterious craft is detected entering the solar system, Admiral James Kirk is dispatched by Starfleet to confront the vessel. He meets with an emissary from the Iramahl, a previously unknown alien race who have come in search of their brothers and sisters thought to have gone missing in this area of space centuries earlier. Having recently thrown off the last chains of subjugation by another species, the Ptaen, they now believe their lost people hold the key to saving their entire race from eventual extinction.

New York, 1970: Roberta Lincoln, young protégé of the mysterious agent Gary Seven, is shocked when she receives the oddest request for help—from the future….

20130421-081940.jpgIn much the same way the cover for From History’s Shadow evoked pulp novels of the 1950s, during which a significant portion of that book is set, I was hoping for something appropriate for the 1980s, which is where a lot of the action takes place this time around. At least to me, this cover salutes SF novel covers of that period, and like Shadow is very atypical for a Star Trek novel.

Elusive Salvation is slated for publication on April 26, 2016. You’ve pre-ordered your copies, right?

10 thoughts on “Cover art for Elusive Salvation!

  1. Awesome cover (and sounds like an awesome book)! Definitely evocative of late 70s/early 80s sf art – has kind of a Chris Foss feel to it. And the small ships streaking by in the background remind me of the big ship that streaked across the cover of the National Geographic OUR UNIVERSE hardcover…

    This is a painting that would make a great writing prompt – taking nothing away from your book, of course, which sounds great! But you’re right: very atypical to have no visual Trek cues present.


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