New interview with Literary Treks!


And this time it’s a two-fer!

That’s right! My hetero life mate, Kevin Dilmore, and I join hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther for another episode of Literary Treks, a podcast from the gang at that focuses on the realm of Star Trek books, comics, and other storytelling venues that aren’t tied to the films and television series.

This time around, Kevin and I were invited to join Matthew and Dan for a rousing discussion of our latest assault against the written word, All That’s Left (aka Star Trek: Seekers #4). We discuss the development of this latest novel, the various Seekers topics such as those gorgeous covers and what the future might hold. Along the way, we also bounce off several topics ranging from what Roddenberry might do with Star Trek if he were creating it in 2015 vs. 1964, how the ever-increasing availability of information has made us dumber, and why Kevin should never, ever, under any circumstances, attempt a sports metaphor. Ever.

Give it a listen, whydontcha:

Literary Treks #129: “Spectre Octopus”

Many thanks to Matthew and Dan for having us on the show, and to the rest of the crew for being such great supporters of the Star Trek books and those who write them. I’m pretty sure we’ll be talking again soon. Right?



Dayton-Kevin-ShoreLeave2016 (Photo by Janice Sanborn.)


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