New interview at The Bronze Review!

So, I’m babbling again.

This time, the unfortunate soul forced to bear the brunt of my aimless yammering is Rich Schepis over at The Bronze Review. What do we talk about? Just all sorts of things, from my secret origin story, my past projects and what I’m working on now, what a day is like in the life of Dayton Ward, Professional Wordsmith, and even how Ice Road Truckers inspired one of my Trek novels.

Yes. That happened.

Rich took on the challenge of transcribing my stream-of-consciousness ramblings and other nonsensical blathering into something resembling coherent answers to his questions. At last report, the DoD was investigating his case and recommending him for the Crimson Keyboard. Give it a look, whydontcha:

The Bronze Review: Launching A Career on A Dare


Many thanks to Rich for the chance to chat for a bit, and to be featured on The Bronze Review!


Lay it on me.

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