Comin’ at ya: the 1960s/1970s UK Star Trek comic strips.

O. M. G.

Back in 2013, IDW Publishing granted the wish of uncounted Star Trek fanboys (including the one who wrote this blog thing you’re reading right now) when they published Star Trek: The Newspaper Comics, a gorgeous two-volume oversized hardcover  set collecting all of the Star Trek daily comic strips that ran in various newspapers between 1979 and 1983. Due to limited circulation, most of these things had never even been seen by the majority of fans, and getting them collected was something of a Holy Star Trek Grail item. Credit uber Trek fan Rich Handley with spearheading the effort to round up the strips.

Not content to rest on his laurels and soon after declaring victory in this rather hard-fought campaign, Rich decided there was another rare jewel out there, waiting to be unearthed and brought into the light for all Trek fans to see. What could this be? Well, it’s like this: Years before the U.S. strip, Star Trek comics were appearing in a handful of different magazines published in the United Kingdom. Never published here in the U.S., these strips represent yet another all but long-lost chapter of Star Trek history. I’ve seen them, thanks to Rich, but only in digital form. What was required was an effort similar to what he put forth with the U.S. strips. So, a little over a year ago, he launched another grassroots campaign.

And damn if he hasn’t pulled it off again.


In what looks to be a format similar if not identical to the previous newspaper strip collections, IDW will be publishing Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics – Volume 1 in March 0f 2016.

EDIT: After reading John Freeman’s article about this upcoming release, I had to add in a sampling of comics you can expect to see, because SWEEEEEEEEET:

Trek-Joe902(As included in John’s article. Click to Biggie Size for the full effect. You know you want to.)

Of course I’ve pre-ordered my copy. You’re insane even for asking. I can’t wait to make my already overloaded book shelves sag just a bit more by adding this baby to the lineup. If you’re a Star Trek fan and a comics fan, you know you’re going to want your own copy. Go on, click on the pic, or the link I made a couple of sentences ago, or even this one right here. Go on. Dooooo eeeeeeet.

Big thanks go to IDW for taking a chance on this, and kudos, hats off, and glasses raised to Rich Handley for helping to bring this to fruition. Given what he’s been able to accomplish so far, I can’t wait to see what else he might have up his sleeve.

5 thoughts on “Comin’ at ya: the 1960s/1970s UK Star Trek comic strips.

  1. Thanks for the link to my site, Dayton. The book looks great. Wait til you see some of Mike Noble’s art on the printed page, it’s glorious!


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