Bucs Blog! 2015 Season, Week 10.

I would’ve posted this yesterday, but the game was so boring I only just this morning awoke from the ensuing coma.


Bucs 10 – Cowboys 6

There was a time when the idea of the Dallas Cowboys marching into Tampa spelled doom for the Buccaneers. When I was a kid growing up down there in the 70s and early 80s, the Cowboys were a force of nature, while the Bucs were that little boy with his fingers stuck in the dyke. The idea that Tampa could take on “America’s Team” and not get blown out of their own stadium was laughable.

Then the Bucs grew up a bit, started earning a reputation as a team (or, at least a defense) to be reckoned with, and things were somewhat evenly matched for a while. There’ve been a few very memorable games waged between Tampa and Dallas over the years.

Then, we have what happened yesterday: a contest for who can bore who into submission first.

Yes, another way of looking at it as that this was a contest of two stubborn defenses who denied their opponent any chance at the promised land. There actually was quite a bit of defensive showmanship on display yesterday. The Cowboys defense picked off Tampa quarterback Jameis Winston twice, snapping his four-game streak without a pick. He also fumbled very late in the game just as the Bucs were set jam home a touchdown, but a Cowboys defensive penalty nullified that gaffe.

Blessed by the football gods with one more opportunity, Winston scored on the next play, putting Tampa in the driver’s seat for the first time all day. The Bucs defense then did their part to protect their fragile lead, intercepting Cowboys QB Matt Cassel to seal the deal.

For Tampa, the win is something of a milestone, as this fourth victory on the year for them, doubling their win total from last season, so yay! As for the Cowboys, this was their seventh straight defeat, with five of those losses by less than seven points, so you know owner Jerry Jones is just awesome to be around, these days.

The Bucs improve to 4-5 on the year, and thanks to voodoo football bath are actually just a smidgen ahead of the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South Division. Carolina is still way out in front, remaining unbeaten at 9-0, and the Atlanta Falcons didn’t play this week. Next up for Tampa? Traveling to Philly to take on the similarly struggling Eagles. There’s a bit of bitter history between the two teams, so this could end up being a bit of smash-mouth football.

Snatching another win from the City of Brotherly Love would be kinda cool, amirite?


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