NaNoWriMo 2015: Week 2 check-in.


So, halfway point, right? More or less?

That’s what it says on the calendar. Well, that’s what it’ll say after tomorrow, but work with me, here.

Yep, we’re two weeks into National Novel Writing Month, and many writers are barreling at full speed (or speedier!) toward the 50,000-word goal. Others, like me, are kinda sorta plodding along, though I at least am confident I’ll find a faster gear in the next few days as other things get shuffled off my plate.

Though I’m not yet done pushing and poking for the day, my count on the work in-progress currently sits at 18,360 words. Less than where I’d like to be at this point, but still well within striking distance.

What the hell have I been doing? Well, today was wrapping up my edits on the Mars Attacks novella. This included an on-again/off-again email back-n-forth with one of my editors on the project as I addressed this or that note, which made the process even more fun than it already has been so far. I’ve also been working on edits to the 24: Trial by Fire manuscript. Once I have the revised version back to my editor, I still have to review galley pages for Elusive Salvation, the Star Trek novel that’s a sequel to 2013’s From History’s Shadow.

So, hey! Staying busy.

If you’re taking the NaNoWriMo bull by the horns, how’s it going? Again and as always, no judging here; we’re all buds.

To the keyboard!


Lay it on me.

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