Novel Spaces – “When It’s No Longer Fan Fiction”

writerWell, the 17th almost got away from me, but I managed to hunker down and finish my latest installment for the Novel Spaces blog.

(I’m sure you all were worried, right?)

This month–I take advantage of the recently announced return of the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds writing contest to offer up an extended version of an answer I’ve been providing with a bit more frequency this past week or so: “What’s the difference between fan fiction and what you do, Dayton, and when does the former become the latter?”

Yeah, I get that one a lot, and even more so now with the contest in full swing.

Anyway, here’s a somewhat longer answer to that question, at least the way I see it from where I sit in my comfy recliner at stately Ward Manor:

Novel Spaces – “When It’s No Longer Fan Fiction”

Along the way, I touch on some of the options available open to writers looking to break into licensed fiction writing, notably Amazon’s Kindle Worlds platform. Maybe that’s something you might want to give a try? Have a look-see, whydontcha.

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