A whole lotta PANGAEA talk going down at Crazy 8 Press.

pangaea-coverSome of you may recall that a project with which Kevin and I were involved earlier in the year, Pangaea, recently became available. If not, you can read all about it by clicking on this linky-type thing right here.

Now that the book’s out, editor Mike Friedman asked several of the contributors to offer up guest blog posts for the website of the anthology’s publisher, Crazy 8 Press.

The result of that request? Well, here’s your chance to read all about the world of Pangaea, its development, and the chaos which ensued when Mike had the harebrained idea to invite a bunch of us to play in his sandbox:

Paul Kupperberg and Crazy 8 co-founder gets the ball rolling with his post: Pangaea! We Build Worlds So You Don’t Have To!

The always entertaining Geoffrey Thorne is next at bat, offering up insight into his own story with Geoffrey Thorne Is An Outsider Visiting Pangaea.

Aaron Rosenberg, another Crazy 8 founding member, offers up a few clues as to the book’s rather hectic genesis with is entry, Pangaea: Jumping Out.

Next up? My boy Kevin pens a nice little essay about our contribution to the effort, Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore Are On “The Ardent” In Pangaea.

More such posts should be coming in the next few days as other contributors weigh in. For my part, I enjoyed getting the chance to work with the group of authors Mike assembled, some of whom I knew beforehand and others who are now new friends. Pangaea is a rich concept brimming with storytelling potential, and I hope I get an opportunity to return to that world one day soon. Give it a gander, whydontcha?


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