TV’s iconic fight scenes? VOTE NOW!

As I was listening to latest episode of Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast where we’re all talking about “The Secret of Bigfoot,” we get to the part where Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man himself, is going Mano a Sasquatcho against ol’ Bigfoot.

As part of the discussion, I say that this is it – the iconic moment for the episode and the one bit about the show that pretty much everyone knows about, whether or not they’re a fan or if they’ve even watched the series. I liken the scene to Kirk’s epic battle against the Gorn in the classic Star Trek episode “Arena,” which is wildly known and has been parodied so often it should probably have its own page on TV Tropes.


That got me thinking: Which of these memorable battles represent television’s greatest fight? Are either of them worthy of that distinction, or do we have to add others? Jack Bauer, my hero from 24, has had his share of onscreen fisticuffs, but one of my favorites comes at the end of the show’s second season, when he takes on one particularly skilled bad guy and ends up running up the side of the wall while twisting the other dude’s head enough to snap his neck. Tasty! And I suppose no discussion of TV fights can go without mentioning Alexis and Krystle Carrington and their various dust-ups during the run of the classic Dynasty series.

Alexis-Krystle fight

So, just for laughs, what say you? I’ve tossed these few examples into a poll just to get us started, but do you think one of these classic TV fights is worthy of the title “Iconic” or even “Best Ever,” or do you have your own nominee? Obviously this has no bearing on anything beyond the confines of my goofy little blog, but the hell.

NOTE: For purposes of this poll, we’re talking about various flavors of hand-to-hand, rather than gun fights or battles.

Also, if you do vote “Other,” be sure to mention it in the comments. 

14 thoughts on “TV’s iconic fight scenes? VOTE NOW!

  1. Kirk v. Spock in “Amok Time”

    (I was also tempted to be a smartass and say “B’Elanna v. Taurik” (or Borik or Vorik — whatever the hell they called him that day) in “Blood Fever”. Or “Seven of Nine vs. The Rock” in that Voyager episode that I’m too lazy to look up right now.)


        1. The Spock/Kirk/”Amok Time” one is a decent candidate, though. I just think regular people likely remember Kirk and the Gorn better. It’s just one of those timeless scenes everybody’s at least seen a snippet of.


  2. Worf vs the Jem’hadar in the Dominion prison camp in the two-parter where we find Bashir’s a changeling. In Purgatory’s Shadow/By Inferno’s Light, wasn’t it?


      1. oh. yeah. forgot.

        But, I’ve never seen and know nothing about Steve vs Sasquatch or Jack vs anyone. Never seen the shows, never seen clips. All I know about 24 is the presidents get killed a lot and ‘DAMMIT CHLOE!!!’


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