So the Book Fairy paid me a visit….

He actually did this yesterday, but I only checked the mail this morning, and lookie what I found waiting for me in the parcel locker, all minty-fresh and whatnot:


Awwwwwww, yeah.

So, I’ve got mine, which means copies are or shortly will be en route to various retailers here and there. The book’s official publication date is still slated for October 27th, which means it’ll likely start showing up in stores as much as a week ahead of time, all depending on when a particular store’s staff gets around to cataloging and shelving them. Those of you of the e-Book persuasion will of course have to wait until the 27th.

Also, for those wondering what the Book Fairy might look like, I’m picturing something like this, so you should take up any issues you might have with his name directly with him:

Anyway, I’m thinking we’re about due for a scavenger hunt of sorts, aren’t we? What say you?


6 thoughts on “So the Book Fairy paid me a visit….

  1. i was wondering, why do authors get a bunch of copies of their book (as opposed to just one or two to have as a “hey. i’m published!” kind of thing)? for promotional reasons? do they have to pay for them, or is it part of the contract? if you sell them yourself, like at a con, can you get more or do you have to pay? and if you do, is there a discount?


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