“Ten for Ward” #16 at StarTrek.com: 10 Star Trek Ultimate Holiday Wish List Items

Somebody left their blog door open again.

This time, it’s the kind, gentle people over at StarTrek.com of whom I’m taking unbridled advantage. Once again, I’m all up in their jammy, scribbling various flavors of weirdness all over their website with my usual unchecked fanboy yammering. The result of this little exercise in blabbery is a little something I like to call “Ten for Ward.”

For those of you who haven’t yet experienced this phenomenon, it goes like this: Every once in a while, I’m invited to provide a list of ten favorite (and hopefully interesting) Trek-related whatevers based on…well…whatever I can come up with at the time my editor pushes my button and asks for a new column.

For this latest installment, and given that we’re approaching holiday gift shopping season, I decided to offer up my “Ultimate Holiday Gift Wish List.” Now, I understand that many if not all people will consider most of the items on said list to be some shade of “unobtainable,” but here’s the deal: I don’t need your negativity. Leave me to my geeky fantasies, and I won’t judge you for wanting to go on that dancing show partnered with Taylor Swift or that guy from that show that nobody remembers, all right?

Anyway, here’s my “wish list,” in the purest, most truthful sense of the term:

Ten for Ward #16 – 10 Star Trek Ultimate Holiday Wish List Items

For those wondering, here’s a hint as to what we’re taking about:

dayton-enterprise-modelAs is always the case with these columns, mine is not intended to be a “definitive” list or a rundown of “the best,” and I invite you to offer up your own favorites in the comments section, either here or over at StarTrek.com.

You can also check out all of my “Ten for Ward” columns just by clicking on this logo-ish looking thing right here:

Okay, now it’s your turn: Chime in with your own “Ultimate Star Trek Holiday Wish List.”

Lay it on me.

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