Topps Star Wars trading card goodness…in book form!

Oh be still, my fanboy heart.

When I was a kid, “non-sports” trading cards were all the rage. Yes, they’re still a thing these days, but way back when? They were special. Long before the internet or home video, a set of trading cards might help you relive a film one glorious frame at a time, or page through images from a favorite TV series.

I had boxes of these things. Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Superman, The Six Million Dollar Man, and on and on.

Oh, and Star Wars, of course.

Holy shit. Star Wars cards. Out. The. Ass.

Topps, the company responsible for most of the card sets I was collecting back in those days, kinda sorta lost its damned mind for a while there, starting in the summer of 1977. Okay, not really, because they opted to release not one, not two, and not even three but five separate sets of supremely awesome trading cards and accompanying stickers, snarfed up a few at a time by me and legions of eager kids, along with a sticker and a piece of that wretchedly tasty bubble gum. You know what I’m talking about. The blue set. The red set. The yellow set. The green set. The orange set.

They never stopped. I had boxes of the damned things. I was able to complete the first three sets, but I ended up with gaps in the latter collections. Curse you, trading card gods!

Of course, all those are lost to time. I don’t remember whatever became of them. However, a suitable substitute is coming. Behold, yo:

Topps-StarWars01 (Click on the pic for more info.)

Abrams ComicArts is on the case once again! Coming our way later this fall will be a new book showcasing the art/photos from all five sets of cards and their stickers. Even the dust jackets are made from the same wax paper as the original wrappers. And they’re including all-new bonus cards? Are you kidding me? This is a total instabuy.

What? There’s more? Check it:

Topps-EmpireStrikesBack01 Topps-StarWarsGalaxy01
(Yep. Clicky click.)

For The Empire Strikes Back, Topps ended up releasing three different sets of trading cards, and Abrams will also be releasing a volume devoted to those. As for the Star Wars Galaxy cards, I never collected those as they came out much later and long after I stopped chasing such things (I’ve resisted that sort of thing at numerous points over the years, you understand).

I’ll probably end up buying it along with the other two books, because…you know…Star Wars. Besides, they’ll look great on the shelf next to my copies of these other books Abrams published that celebrate two of my other favorite card series:

(Again, click click click away.)

Anyway, if you’re an old-school fan like me and either don’t have the cards or your collection got tossed eons ago, these books are the perfect antidote. Yeah, I’m buying ’em.

And hey! Abrams ComicArts people! If you’re reading this, I hope you might consider a similar tome for the Star Trek: The Motion Picture cards you did back in the day. Or, if you really want to tickle my fanboy funny bone, you’ll think about these bad boys:

Topps-PlanetApesMovie Topps-PlanetApesTV

Oh, and did I mention I write and stuff? Just puttin’ that out there.

2 thoughts on “Topps Star Wars trading card goodness…in book form!

  1. Oh yeaaah! I’ve had that STAR WARS volume on my radar for months now. “Instabuy,” indeed!
    Collecting these non-sport cards was a huge part of my childhood, spending my hard-earned allowance on packs and packs and packs of these things at the corner store almost every day. Childhood? Let’s be honest, this obsession continued into young adulthood too. Star Wars, Empire, Jedi (including the later Widevision sets for each film); Raiders, Temple of Doom — and I still can’t fathom why Topps didn’t make Last Crusade cards! — plus Superman and E.T. thrown into the mix as well.
    But sadly, in what I can only call a bout of temporary insanity, I tossed out my collection of cards when I moved out on my own, a decision I’ve really regretted of late. So much so, in fact, that I’ve spent most of the summer rebuilding a good chunk of my collection via the spending of far too much money on eBay.
    The obsession rekindled, for better or worse, I just picked up a hobby box of “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens” cards from a local card shop today, and you can be sure I’ll be getting the Force Awakens cards come December.
    But there was really something special about those original cards back in the day, and it will be so great to go through that STAR WARS volume, pore over those pages of card reproductions, and become, if just for a little while, that 7-year-old card-freak I was back in 1977.

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    1. I’ve acquired a few sets of various things here and there – Trek, Apes, Alien, etc. – but I don’t really “collect” anymore. This is an easy (and way cheaper!) way to relive that childhood thrill.


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