Happy 49th Birthday, Star Trek!

“Space…the final frontier….”

These are the voyages where the legend began, 49 years ago tonight!

I’ve mentioned this before (about a zillion times), but my earliest memories include Star Trek to some degree. I wasn’t old enough to watch the show during its original broadcast run, but I watched the reruns every day after school. I did catch the original run of the cartoon on Saturday mornings, which also is celebrating its own anniversary, having premiered 42 years ago on this same date. Beyond that, I had the Mego figures and that crazy bridge set. I built the AMT models, and I read the occasional Gold Key comic book or poster book or collection of James Blish episode adaptations.

And, of course, there were the reruns. Always, the reruns.

Back then, before VCRs, DVD, iTunes or NetFlix, you had to wait for your favorite episodes to cycle back around in the rotation. I watched the series on a little black and white television and its crappy little antenna as the show was broadcast on a low-power local UHF station in Tampa. Depending on the time of day and prevailing weather conditions, I might not always get a decent picture. If I was out in the boonies somewhere–like my aunt’s house–I might have to fiddle with the antenna throughout the episode, and as often as not I might be forced to choose between having a picture or having sound.

Today, of course, I have Star Trek literally at my fingertips: Blu-rays on the shelf or episodes streaming over the internet, and I even have my favorite episodes stored on my phone. Then there are the books (Fun fact: I’ve written a few of those, in case you were wondering), comics, role-playing games, computer games, toys, models, websites, and pretty much anything you’d care to name. Today, Star Trek is everywhere. Hold up a picture of the original Enterprise or Kirk and Spock, and most people will know what you’re talking about. Next year, we’ll celebrate Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary, and here’s hoping it’s the party we all know it deserves.

Until then? Star Trek looks pretty dapper for 49. Enjoy your cake.


6 thoughts on “Happy 49th Birthday, Star Trek!

    1. I used to love those things. I even bought a few of the re-issues, a couple of years back, to put together one of these days. I’ve always wanted to build the “Spock with Snakes” diorama. 😀


  1. Just watching some TOS on DVD right now. Finished Devil in the Dark, now on Errand of Mercy, to be followed by The Alternative Factor and The City on the Edge of Forever. Enjoyable night ahead, and Happy 49th Birthday Star Trek!

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  2. Reblogged this on Tales of Time & Space… and commented:
    Tonight marks the 49th Anniversary of the first screening of the classic Star Trek: TOS on US television, with the airing of “The Man Trap” on Thursday, September 8, 1966.

    Just by coincidence, I’m sitting here right now with one of my friends, watching some classic TOS episodes on DVD. We started off with “”Devil in the Dark”, then on “Errand of Mercy”, which has just ended, and now we’re starting into “The Alternative Factor”. We’ll be finishing off with “The City on the Edge of Forever”, one of my favourite all-time Trek episodes, from ANY of the five series.

    Extremely enjoyable night ahead for myself and friend, and oh yeah… Happy 49th Birthday Star Trek!


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