Talking “Armageddon’s Arrow” and Seekers with Visionary Trek!

For reasons surpassing understanding, some people like talking to me. They even like to ask me questions on occasion, and then actually seem interested in my answers.

Go figure.

armageddons-arrow-coverAnd so it is with The Captain’s Table, one of several podcasts produced by Visionary Trek. Hosts Michael Clark and Roslyn Scoular invited me into their realm for a chat about many things Trek, with emphasis on my recent TNG novel Armageddon’s Arrow as well as Star Trek: Seekers and our forthcoming novel for that series, All That’s Left, which is due out later this year. The conversation takes a few other twists and turns, and ended up being a fun discussion.

Well, it was for me, at least. I can’t speak for Michael and Roslyn, but they seemed to tolerate my antics well enough.

It’s been a while since I’d last spoken with Michael, and it was my first time talking with Roslyn. Both hosts made me feel right at home as we got on with talking about a mutually-loved topic. You know, Star Trek, and stuff. The result of that spirited back-n-forth has been edited and polished up and presented as an all-new installment of The Captain’s Table podcast:

The Captain’s Table, Chapter 44 – Dayton Ward Talks Trek


Many thanks to Michael and Roslyn for having me on their show. It was fun, and I hope we can do it again some time down the road!


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