Novel Spaces – “Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Prize”

writerWell, I made it exactly one month into the new schedule over at the Novel Spaces blog before missing my new posting date. For those keeping score at home, it was yesterday.


Still, I kinda sorta had a decent reason. You see, I was writing a piece for my August contribution, and then somebody on my Facebook feed posted this picture:


And that made me do a rethink.

Therefore, my contribution this month has to do with that pang of envy we as writers might feel from time to time, when we see another writer–and maybe it’s even someone we know–announce a project or book deal that gets us to thinking if only for a passing moment, “Hey, that’s not fair.”

Wrong. Wrong thinking. Not cool to go down that road. There are better uses of your time, Writer. Turn that energy toward pushing more words.

Novel Spaces – “Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Prize”

Yep, it happens to all of us, but it’s what happens next that really matters.

My Novel Spaces archive.

Lay it on me.

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