Shore Leave, vacation, and getting back to it.

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Is this thing on? :: blows dust ::

So, it’s been a week or so since the last update, owing to last weekend’s Shore Leave convention and ensuing vacation with the family. It was a busy week, despite being billed as “restful,” but if you don’t come back from vacation a little bit tired, you did something wrong, amirite?

shore-leave-logoThe quest began last Friday when Kevin and I flew to Maryland for the convention, which thanks to a truly goofy flight delay and rush hour traffic was already underway when we arrived at the hotel. We didn’t miss any of our scheduled events, but friends and colleagues were already off and running in various directions, making reunions difficult in the early going.

We had time for a quick dinner, where I got to start the process of catching up with friends and colleagues David Mack, Christopher Bennett, and Kirsten Beyer. Then the con was running at full speed with the annual “Meet the Pros” author mass-signing event. Kevin and I were seated next to Mr. Mack, our frequent partner in Star Trek literary shenanigans, and we wasted no time getting to our particular brand of mischief.

We got to announce some of our upcoming Star Trek projects for the coming 12-18 months. For those keeping score at home, Kevin and I will be back in November with All That’s Left, the fourth Star Trek: Seekers novel. Following that next April will be Elusive Salvation, my sequel to 2013’s From History’s Shadow.

Then next summer, Greg Cox, David Mack, Kevin and myself bring you Star Trek: Legacies, a trilogy celebrating Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary. Greg’s up first with Captain to Captain in July, followed by Dave in August with Best Defense, and Kevin and I bat clean-up in September with Purgatory’s Key.

trek50-logo-smallFinally, I was able to tease just a little bit about Headlong Flight, a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel I’ll write for 2017, that will follow the events of Armageddon’s Arrow as well as Prey, the trilogy being written by John Jackson Miller that will help to close out the 2016 publication schedule.

So, you know…I’m staying busy.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. Panels, conversations in hallways or wherever you happened to cross paths with someone, and any other opportunity that afforded itself to talk with friends I don’t get to see often enough. That and meeting fans are the two main reasons I go to any con, and there’s never sufficient time to get to talk with everyone you hope to find. Still, I was able to cover a lot of bases over the weekend.

Special thanks to friends Howie Weinstein, Bob Greenberger, Mike Friedman, Marco Palmieri, Joe Berenato, John Coffren, Melissa Scott, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Mike McPhail, Scott Pearson, Bill Leisner, Richard White, and the aforementioned Dave Mack, Christopher Bennett, and Kirsten Beyer for the time we got to share. And let’s not forget all the wonderful friends and fans we either met for the first time, or got to see again. Looking at you, Janice, Zan, Linn, Meredith, Judith, Fraize and Heather, Jenifer, Kathy, Jim, Christopher, and everyone else whose name I’m forgetting just about now. Why? Because my brain sucks.

And to the staff and volunteers of Shore Leave 37: THANK YOU for yet another fantastic weekend. It takes a lot of effort to put together a great con, and you all work so hard to make it look so easy. You all seriously rock. Hard.

Before we knew it, the con was over! BOOM. Done.

After slowing the car enough that Kevin could shoulder roll to the curb at the airport, I continued south to D.C. where Clan Ward had taken up temporary residence at a downtown hotel. That was our base of operations as we spent a few days sightseeing. The girls are old enough that they can appreciate much of what the museums have to offer, and the museums themselves now feature a lot more interactive/kid-friendly features, so filling the days was an easy feat. Between the museums, monuments, and the walking in between, we had three full days, usually capped off by a visit to the hotel pool. I got Erin to swim without floaties or whatever in the deep end, and Addy already has no fear, so we’re getting there!

And just like that? Ward Mini-Vacation was over.

Now we’re back to reality. I’ve got some revisions to complete on a manuscript, and the first day of school for the kids looms. I was already missing everyone from Shore Leave before we pulled out of the hotel’s parking lot, and looking forward to the next time I might cross paths with those friends. Next year’s convention promises to be one for the books, as it will celebrate Star Trek‘s 50th Anniversary.

Maybe we’ll see you there!

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