Come find me at Shore Leave 37 this weekend!

Here we go! Again!

Shore Leave 37 is fast approaching, with three full days of geeky shenanigans on tap this coming weekend within the stylish environs of the Hunt Valley Inn hotel located in…wait for it…Hunt Valley, Maryland.

There may well be a few of you who are asking some variation of, “Hey, where’s that dude Ward gonna be during all of this craziness?” the answers await you below. Here’s my (so far as I know at this point, anyway) official convention schedule for the weekend. Check it out:
10pm-12am – Meet the Pros – Hunt/Valley Corridor

(This is the annual gathering of the convention’s writer, artist and science guests. Come get your books signed!)

1pm-2pm – The Best & Worst of Star Wars & Star Trek – Salon B
2pm-3pm – What’s Coming from Star Trek – Chase
3pm-4pm – Military Fiction vs. Fact – Salon E

(Note: If you see a blur shooting through the snack bar right before the third panel, that’s me trying to get a mid-afternoon caffeine fix.)

10am-11am – Canon or Not: Tie-Ins and their Relation to the Source Material – Salon B
1pm-2pm – The 60s: What’s Old Is New Again – Salon E

In and around all of that, I’ll be checking out (read: “Crashing”) other panels, as well as finding new and exciting ways to leave money in the dealer’s room. At the end of each day, the bar likely will beckon. Oh, and probably that cool off-site diner we’ve sort of adopted as our goto venue for food at all hours of the day or night.

I was thinking earlier in the day that this likely will be the ultimate cap for this year’s “Where’s My Book?” exercise. So, let’s see those con pics when this is all over!

(That reminds me: I should post an update on that. There have been quite a few pretty awesome photos offered up by willing readers and fans. Stay tuned!)

Hope to see you there!


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