Happy 10th Birthday, Star Trek Vanguard.



It’s been ten years already? How the hell did that happen?

Yep, ‘fraid so, kids. Today, July 26th, marks the tenth anniversary for the official publication of Harbinger, the first novel in what would become “the saga of Star Trek Vanguard.”

vanguard-harbingerFor those of you who might not be familiar with these books, Vanguard as created by editor Marco Palmieri and author David Mack is a series of books that served as a “literary spin-off” of the original Star Trek television series. Running in parallel with the original show, Vanguard was set aboard a space station in a hotly contested area of space called “the Taurus Reach.”

Dave set events into motion with Harbinger, after which Kevin Dilmore and I were invited aboard to help continue the story. Over the course of seven novels and a handful of novellas, the series’ cast of characters found themselves in increasingly larger and dire piles of shit as they learned more about the Shedai, the ancient race who once commanded the Taurus Reach, and generally were kinda sorta pissed that people were stomping around their old haunt like they owned the place.

And hilarity ensues.

We’re not going to ruin it all here with spoilers, but suffice it to say we got to have quite a bit of fun with those books. Vanguard still ranks as one of the most creatively rewarding endeavors in which I’ve ever played a part. Being able to combine elements of my favorite incarnation of Star Trek with a serialized, epic storyline that unfolds over several books was like having – if you’ll pardon the Trekified expression – “the best of both worlds.”

(Note: Learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about Vanguard by clicking on this link-type thing right here: DavidMack.pro – Star Trek Vanguard)

Once the three of us and our editor decided to put the series to bed, we thought that would be it. Of course Vanguard begat Star Trek: Seekers, which has allowed us to “get the band back together” while doing something a bit different.

But, Vanguard? Yeah, it was and remains something special, at least to those of us who worked on it. If you haven’t yet given the series a try…well…what are you waiting for?

Which brings us back to…it’s been ten damned years? Man, I feel old.


5 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday, Star Trek Vanguard.

  1. Holy shit, already?! Time flies. I think those books are due for a reread. Many thanks once more to you, Kevin, David, and Marco for such a thrilling series. I still recommend Vanguard to fans and nonfans alike.

    “And hilarity ensues.”

    Great. Now “Yakety Sax” just became the soundtrack for all of the battle scenes.


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