Talking Writing and Trek With the G & T Show!

So, I was babbling again, and somebody recorded it.

The “somebody” this time was Terry Lynn Shull, Nick Minecci, and Mike Medeiros, my friends over at The G&T Show, who preserved our disordered ramblings as an episode of their ancillary podcast, Supplemental Logs.

We’ve danced this dance before, they and I, and this time around we talk about my recently published Star Trek novel, Armageddon’s Arrow, as well as Trek in general, writing as a full-time vocation, conventions, and Melissa McCarthy, for some reason. The discussion drifts all over the map, really…sort of like a pub crawl of nerdity…complete with me answering a handful of listener questions, including a couple about writing, and stuff. The result?

G&T Show Supplemental Logs – Dayton Ward, Professional Writer

Many thanks to Terry, Nick, and Mike for having me yet again on their show. It’s always fun talking to you all, even if we never seem to actually get around to whatever it was that made you want me to sully your podcast in the first place. Let’s do that again, some time!



Lay it on me.

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