LepreCon 41 post-game!

Previously, on The Fog of Ward:

At least some of you likely noted a dearth of activity since late last week. Part of that was due to my being heads-down on the novel-in-progress, but a big chunk of my time was devoted to my being in Phoenix, Arizona in order to attend my first-ever LepreCon!

It was my first time being invited to a convention as Guest of Honor, and I have to say that my bar for treatment at cons has been raised. I could get used to the concubines, vodka tap right above my bed, massages on demand, and other perks.

Okay, most of that probably only happened in my own head. Moving on….

Kevin attended the con with me, ostensibly as my “assistant” but in reality as a full-fledged participant in con panels and other activities. Three full days of fannish shenanigans saw to it that I was never bored, which is good because it was something like eight thousand degrees outside. I’m pretty sure I saw a jack rabbit with its own canteen, at one point.

Our invitation was courtesy of a joint venture between the con itself and the fan group United Federation of Phoenix, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Other guests attending the convention were Jennifer Brozek, David Gerrold, Larry Hama, Ken Kelly, Camille and Kennerly Kitt, and Victor Moreno. The con was big enough that there was plenty to do, and yet small enough that there was time to talk or just hang out.

I got to talk guns and Korean soap operas with Ken Kelly. That happened.

I got to talk writing with Jennifer Brozek. Plots are developing. Scheming is underway.

I got to talk music with Camille and Kennerly Kitt, aka, “the Harp Twins,” who brought down the house with several mini concerts scattered throughout the weekend.

I got to talk G.I. Joe and writing with Larry Hama. The dude’s been working non-stop pretty much the whole time I’ve been alive. So, one learns to shut up and just listen. Also? He invited us to horn in on what may well be the first dessert offering that is visible to the naked eye from orbit.

I got to talk Star Trek with David Gerrold. This alone was worth the price of admission. As with Larry, he also provided the equivalent to a master class on writing prose or for Hollywood, if one pays attention.

I got to talk fannish things with fans, who of course are the reason we do these things in the first place. To say that the con and the UFP welcomed us with open arms would be a criminal understatement. I made some new friends, and I had tremendous fun. It truly was a great way to spend a weekend.

So, to the staff, volunteers, and attendees of LepreCon 41, I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for a fantastic con. Thank you for having us, and I can only hope we held up our end of the deal.



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