Novel Spaces – “The Write Space?”

writerHey, what do you know? It’s the 16th again.

You know, already. Didn’t we just do this a month or so ago?

Anyway, if it’s the 16th, that means it’s my turn in the hopper over at the Novel Spaces blog!

This month, I ponder the elusive answer to an oft-asked question: What’s the best place for you to write? Is it the location where you’re most productive, simply somewhere that offers a nice setting for you to collect your thoughts and maybe order them into something cohesive for the page? Are you lucky enough that it’s the same place?

Novel Spaces – “The Write Space?”

So, come on, let’s have it: What’s your favorite place to write? Where are you most productive with your writing? Are they the same place? Does it have to be the cozy, familiar confines of home, do you have an “auxiliary writing spot,” or are you able to tap a bit into the “guerilla writing” mindset and just go for it anywhere and everywhere?

My Novel Spaces archive.


Lay it on me.

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