Talking “Armageddon’s Arrow” with Literary Treks!

Because I know you were thinking, “Hey! It’s been a while since that Ward guy babbled at length about anything.” You say you need a fix, and I’m your dealer.

Well, not really. In this case, it’s Literary Treks who’s doing the dealing. Being just one of‘s rotating schedule of Trek and genre-themed podcast, episodes of Literary Treks focus on the Star Trek prose and comics. This includes interviewing writers (and artists, in the case of comics) of the various stories, and for this latest installment, hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther install safety rails and netting around the perimeter so that I don’t hurt myself as we talk about my latest book offering, Armageddon’s Arrow.

To hear Matthew and Dan describe it:

“In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther are joined by Dayton Ward to talk about this latest adventure for the TNG crew. We discuss changing course in the 24th century, the new crew with the old, Picard’s changes, creating races and technology, being careful what you wish for, literary on ramp, balancing resources, how things circle back, Section 1701, what Taurik saw, the ending, trying to surprise readers and upcoming things from Dayton.”

As for what Taurik saw and the ending, I refer you to this memorandum from the Department of Temporal Investigations.

Have a listen, whydontcha:

Literary Treks #107 – Death Star DeLorean


Thanks very much to Matt and Dan for having me on again. It’s always great to talk to you guys.

5 thoughts on “Talking “Armageddon’s Arrow” with Literary Treks!

  1. Awesome show, and congrats on nabbing another TNG novel! I liked your carefree take on the paradox at the end of AA, too; my headcanon just assumed that perhaps the weapon ship came from an alternate future, which isn’t out of the ordinary for Trek.

    Interesting talk about licensing vis a vis the Hobus supernova and such, too. 2387 in the novel-verse is going to be fascinating! I had no idea that the Pocket Books license was a completely different deal than what happens with the Abramsverse stuff; I just thought they put the kibosh on those other novels so they just could promote the films and comics.

    Sorry for rambling. Again, great interview!


    1. After Christopher Bennett went to such extraordinary lengths to make all of the different Star Trek time travel nuggets make some sort of cohesive sense, I figure that one (or more!) of those theories provided cover for me. Did we create a splinter reality? Hard to say, at least from the POV of the characters on the ship.

      Guess we’ll see 🙂

      Thanks for listening!


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