Thanks, everybody!

Now that the day is winding down and I’m trying to have a go at getting back to work in the hopes of logging some forward progress on the writing front, I wanted to take a couple of minutes and offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who sent birthday wishes my way today.

They were EVERYWHERE, people.

I’m still finding them attached to this or that. E-Mail. Twitter. Facebook messages. Facebook status updates. Other people’s Facebook status updates. Smoke writing in the skies. The Jumbotron at Kauffman Stadium. Carved into the Moon with Superman’s heat vision.

(Okay, those last few might just be in my head.)

According to my best estimates, I received something in the neighborhood of 1,771,561 birthday greetings. That’s assuming one message with an average response rate of ten comments, producing a new generation of birthday wishes every twelve hours.

Give or take a couple dozen or so.

Seriously, I’m still finding the things, and doing my best to answer each one. Why? Because you all rock so very hard, that’s why.

Kevin and Michi even plotted a bit, this year, which resulted in Kevin bearing some incredibly geeky giftery. Check this out:


All still in the boxes. The youngest of these things is 36 years old. Not too shabby. The girls are already eyeballing them, though, and wondering if Jaime Sommers will fit in their Disney Princesses castle.


And to respond to all those who hoped I actually got to enjoy my birthday, that indeed was the case. It was a quiet day, for the most part, highlighted by lunch with my ladies and Kevin at a favorite restaurant. I’m not big on huge celebrations, so this was a  mighty fine day, by my standards.

Thanks for being a part of it. 🙂


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