Cover art for Sequart Planet of the Apes books!

I’ve mentioned here and there that I’m doing a couple of new essays for the Sequart Organization. Following my initial outing for them, a piece for New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics edited by Joseph F. Berenato, he and co-editor Rich Handley saw fit to invite me back aboard to write for a couple of new essay collections that will examine another favorite SF franchise of mine, Planet of the Apes.

To that end, Rich and Joe have offered up the cover art for both of these new books, as created by artist Patricio Carbajal:


Pretty swank, eh?

For The Sacred Scrolls, I wrote an essay about the use of time travel in various stories across the different publishers who’ve given us Apes comics over the years. Bright Eyes, Ape City takes on the entire franchise, and my essay will take a look at the live action Planet of the Apes television series from 1974. The Sacred Scrolls is set to be published this summer, with Bright Eyes, Ape City coming next year. Be sure to check out the listings for each book over on the Sequart site and see the roster of writers assembled for each book. You’ll likely spot several familiar names in the crowd. 🙂

So, you know…be sure to get your stinking paws on those.

Thanks again to Rich, Joe, and Sequart for bringing me back for more playtime!

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