Book sightings!

armageddons-arrow-coverMy spies report from various fronts that copies of Armageddon’s Arrow are beginning to show up in the wild. As of this morning, I have two confirmed sightings.

The book’s “official” publication date is next Tuesday, May 26th, but since most mass-market paperbacks don’t have actual street dates, they can start turning up as much as a week or so ahead of time, depending on when a bookseller gets their stock out to the shelves.

Those of you who prefer e-Books to paper will have to actually wait for the 26th, though, as sellers use the “official” date for dropping the soft copies. If you’re already ordered the book for your e-Device du jour, you should be getting it at some point after midnight on Tuesday.

(What? You haven’t yet ordered yours? da hell, man?)

As I’ve mentioned before, the cover art for this one comes to us courtesy of the incomparable Doug Drexler, working in collaboration with Ali Ries, who provides those glorious backgrounds to accent the ship action. I think I’m going to have to work in a reference to a “Riesian Anomaly” in a future book.

All righty, then: Let me know when it starts showing up in your neck of the woods. We’ll call this the thread to log additional field reports for sightings. Bring us your blurry photos, shaky-cam videos, and eyewitness accounts of your encounters with this beast. Tread carefully, and always stay in pairs or groups, yo. Happy hunting!

Lay it on me.

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