Novel Spaces – “When Lightning Strikes…You Bottle that Stuff”

writerSo, hey! It’s the 16th, again, which means it’s my turn at bat over at the Novel Spaces blog!

This month, I offer up a “day in the writer’s life” tidbit that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. What happens when you’re not actually writing, but you get one of those “ZOMG! I HAVE TO WRITE THIS DOWN!” moments? Either it’s an idea for a new story, or it’s the solution to the story problem that’s been bugging you for days. These sort of epiphanies usually happen to me at the most inopportune moments. Case in point….

Novel Spaces – “When Lightning Strikes…You Bottle that Stuff”

So, what about you? Where does this “lightning” tend to strike, and how do you respond?

My Novel Spaces archive.


4 thoughts on “Novel Spaces – “When Lightning Strikes…You Bottle that Stuff”

  1. Sometimes in the shower, but 99% of the time I solve my plot blocks RIGHT BEFORE I fall asleep. In that nethersphere you mentioned between awake and asleep. New story ideas though really come whenever. There is no usual time for those. Usually I hear someone say something that sets off the “story alarms”, or I read an article or watch a documentary. When this happens, I usually enter a memo or voice note in my phone, actually, because it’s the only thing handy. I’ve started carrying a slip of index cards in my purse, and sometimes remember to put the idea down on one of those. I have a nice little collection now! 🙂

    Otherwise I repeat it to myself over and over again until I can get somewhere to get it down! Just used an hour long drive the other day to record my outline for a short story on my phone before I forgot! Hah.


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