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Relax, gutterbrains.

For those who are even casual visitors, I think the secret’s out that I have this peculiar habit of writing Star Trek books every so often. Indeed, writing Star Trek fiction has done wonders for funding my kids’ future college tuitions, among other things. There are those who view the writing of such stories with disdain, or consider it a waste of time and energy, but here’s the deal: I have fun doing it, and people pay me to have that fun. Unless the naysayers are wanting to kick in for my mortgage or the food I put in my kids’ faces, I’m liable not to care much about their opinions on this topic.

Now, while Star Trek constitutes a rather large chunk of my writing credits, I’ve also got some original novels and shorts stories here and there (and with luck, more of that, sooner rather than later. Stay tuned). As for other tie-in properties, Kevin and I wrote that novel for the The 4400 some years back, and we’ve each contributed to other creator-owned or work-for-hire projects like a role-playing game or the ReDeus anthology), and of course I’m hip deep in writing that 24 novel for Tor.

the-bionicsEvery so often, I get asked if there’s a TV, film, or game property for which I like to write. I got an e-Mail posing just that sort of question today. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything but respond privately to such a query, but every so often I like to come here and turn the question around. It’s been at least a couple of years since I launched such an exercise, and when we consider the sorts of TV shows, movies, and games that have come along just in that brief span of time, there’s all sorts of things to consider that wasn’t on the menu, last time.

For example, we had recent news that there is to be a new take on The Six Million Dollar Man with a big budget film adaptation of the concept, starring Mark Wahlberg and (as of now) titled The Six Billion Dollar Man. Given my fondness for Colonel Steve Austin and his bionics, it goes without saying that I’d be keen to write something utilizing this premise. Such fanboy wish-listing also makes good fodder for well-played April Fool’s jokes, you know (see pic).

Anyway, now that I’ve answered the original question-poser via e-Mail, I figure I’ll once again put it to you all, assuming you’re a reader and fan of such books (and really…who isn’t? Tie-ins are like porn…nobody cops to them, but they keep selling. Odd, that.). For what properties would you like to see me write? It can be anything–TV show, film, game, whatever. It can be something for which novels or other tie-ins are currently being written, something new that doesn’t (yet?) have such books, or perhaps an older property that’s fallen by the wayside but still burns hot in your fanboy/fangirl heart.

The only rule for this little thought exercise is that it can’t be any flavor of Star Trek, even if it’s one of the shows/permutations for which I’ve not written. Otherwise? Everything’s fair game, and there are no “wrong” answers.

I’d also be interested in hearing why you think I’d make a good fit.

Hit me.

19 thoughts on “Tie me up.

  1. i don’t know what people said before.

    stargate sg-1, just to see what kind of comments you have jack o’eill say when confronted with an over dressed goa’uld or or some crazy WTF?! situation.

    maybe quantum leap?
    and i [i]just[/i] thought of this; he leaps into someone who works on the set of star trek: the original series (none of the big name actors, maybe an extra or one of the behind the scenes crew.) i haven’t decided if this is cool or crazy.


    1. and i just thought of his mission:
      lenard nimoy quits the show after the second season (if i recall, this was a possibility in real life) his replacement helps revitalize the program and the show becomes a favorite with the network brass. the series goes on for 5 or 6 years, but is never popular in syndication. incidentally nimoy goes on to have a a fairly successful career as a stage actor and art photographer. the rest of the cast have varying success in-front or behind the camera.
      after the success of the star wars movies paramount tries to cash-in on this by putting out a star trek film. it’s lack-luster box office performance & luke-warm reviews derail any possible sequels. therefore; no other movies, no TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT, and just the bantam episode adaptations novels.
      so sam must convince nimoy to stay in the role of spock, possibly by giving him hints of the future & how much the show will mean to millions of people.


    2. I’ve thought about an SG-1 story every once in a while. The trick for me is finding an angle that doesn’t tread too much on what’s come already. After all the shows/etc., that’s a neat trick.

      But, there are all those years between the gate’s discovery and O’Neil/O’Neill and Jackson being brought in to explore……


    1. Oh, and you say why? Well, it’s a first-person action game with lots of US military involvement. But I’d love to know if you could write a story successfully where the ultimate heroes are the Brits…


        1. first one is the US Marines in the mid-east, the SAS running around Russia (mostly). Second one is Rangers in Afghanistan and then the US and a super-secret badass international black ops team (represented mostly by 3 Brits and a player character not given in Russia and Brazil (mostly) and the third is all over the place; London, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg, Prague, New York, Africa, Russia and Dubai and features Delta, the SAS, and 2 of the aforementioned Brits as PMCs. It’s actually a quite complicated plot concerning Russian ultranationalists, a mid-east dictator, a renegade US general and a nutbar Russian terrorist. Which is surprising when game play largely boils down to shooting people.

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    1. I’m not familiar with the game, but a quick look makes me think it’s Army of Darkness for the Guitar Hero crowd, which is just insane enough to sound entertaining as hell. 😀


  2. I would have liked to see you write for Dark Angel, the old TV show with Jessica Alba, and maybe even seaQuest DSV. And I think you’d have had great fun with a series of books set in the aftermath of the movie Independence Day.


    1. With a new ID4 movie coming, I wonder if there will be another attempt to have tie-ins. There were a couple, way back when…prequels to the first film.

      I was only a passing fan of Dark Angel, and seaQuest became such a mess that I stopped following it, even though there are still episodes I really like.


  3. I’ve said it before (because it’s my second favorite scifi universe behind Trek), but…Mobile Suit Gundam. It’s got that military flavor, plenty of intrigue, wide in scope (despite taking place largely within the Earth sphere), and, of course, giant robots. In particular, I’d love to see you tackle something like “The 08th MS Team,” as it focused on a squad of grunts stuck on Earth using standard equipment to fight off vastly superior enemy forces. Right up your alley!

    And if you get bored, there’s plenty of alternate timelines to play in. 🙂


  4. Wouldn’t it be cool if they made the Bionic Man, but this time, instead of two bionic legs and one bionic arm, they reversed it? Lets see him run with one bionic leg!


    1. There were rumors of a new/rebooted movie a few years ago, but I haven’t heard anything about it in a while. I’ve never read any of the original books, but it sounds like it’s got a lot in common with other “men’s adventure” books….speaking of which, I’d be down with doing something like Mack Bolan or Remo Williams.

      Better yet, let’s get a line of novels based on The Expendables. 😀


    2. Update: I saw a reprint of a Matt Helm novel at the grocery store tonight. Apparently, Titan Books has been reprinting them at the pace of about one every other month or so since 2013.


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