Visit to a weird planet…..

And so it was that the intrepid captain, his loyal first officer, and some guy in a red shirt transported down to the planet’s surface and began surveying a mysterious domicile that earlier unmanned survey drones had labeled “Ward Manor.”


We’re off to a bad start, already.

Continuing with the mission despite the loss of their comrade, the brave captain soon found himself face to face with a member of what at first appeared to be a representative of the indigenous population.


Then things really started to go off the rails.

Trapped on the planet and at the mercy of this barbaric invader, what is our heroic captain to do? And where the hell did that first officer sneak off to, the cowardly prick?

Tune in for the next exciting episode of……oh, who am I kidding?

UPDATE: These are are now available from ThinkGeek: Star Trek Garden Gnomes

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